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Experts warn patients with IGA kidney disease to keep the flu in check!

Experts warn patients with IGA kidney disease to keep the flu in check! ...

Experts warn patients with IGA kidney disease to keep the flu in check!

May 14, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Influenza is caused by influenza virus, the influenza in patients with IgA nephropathy kidney has a certain influence, if serious could make patients after the treatment of reversed, can lead to nephropathy. It is essential that patients with IgA kidney disease be aware of the flu. On the one hand, influenza virus can directly infringe the kidney tissue; On the other hand, the immune complex nephritis can be caused by the virus. In any case, the flu can aggravate the condition of IgA nephropathy, making it difficult to control, such as making blood urine more heavier than before, and making the albuminuria worse. Patients with IgA nephropathy who are not aware of the flu can also cause kidney failure, heart failure, etc. Patients with IgA nephropathy should be aware that the flu should be in daily order: to exercise the body properly, strengthen the body and improve the disease resistance. Be aware of environmental and personal hygiene and avoid the risk factors. When climate change comes, keep your clothes on the line and prevent colds. During the common cold, you can take medication to prevent it: blue root infusion, 1 pack per time, 3 times daily. Brush your teeth three times a day. The leaf is 15 g, blue root, 30 grams, and 10 garlic liquid, 3 to 5 times per day, 1 drop per day. But does not exclude the special circumstances, namely, not all patients with IgA nephropathy is fit for these drugs, so IgA nephropathy patients pay attention to prevent flu in this item, pay special attention to listen to the doctor ordered. Cold time, pay attention to the isolation, patients should wear a face mask, try to avoid public activity, prevent cross infection, fuming, indoor usable vinegar for air disinfection, prevention of infection, fuming, 2 hours each day or every other day smoked one. In conclusion, it is important that IGA kidney disease should be taken care of, and the patient must be taken seriously. 



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