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Diet treatment for chronic kidney disease

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Chronic kidney disease is a tough disease, the pathogenesis is complex, and the diagnosis is difficult. How can we treat it? Now let's have the experts explain the diet treatment of chronic kidney disease for us!

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a chronic kidney structure disorder and dysfunction caused by various reasons (kidney injury history >3 months), including pathological injury, blood or urine abnormal components and effects of abnormal or unexplained decline in GFR (GFR< 60ml/min) for more than 3 months with normal GFR and abnormal GFR. Epidemiological survey showed that the prevalence of chronic kidney disease was 8%-15%, while the rate of awareness was low, less than 10%. If not given early prevention, the disease continued to progress to end-stage renal disease (ESRD), it must rely on long-term renal replacement therapy, high medical costs, causing great economic burden to family and society. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease has become one of the most important public health problems faced by the countries all over the world. High blood pressure, high blood glucose, urine protein, dyslipidemia, obesity, anemia and reduced erythropoietin are risk factors of chronic kidney disease, early intervention and treatment for CKD patients, effective control of the risk factors, can delay the progression of chronic kidney disease, reduce the death rate. According to the risk factors of CKD and a variety of clinical problems, current treatment strategies are decreasing hypertension, blood glucose control, control proteinuria, lipid-lowering therapy, correction of anemia and calcium phosphorus metabolism disorder; in addition, most studies have shown that reasonable diet therapy can delay the progression of CKD, therefore, diet therapy has become an important part of the countermeasures of the early period of CKD.

Those above are the related information on chronic kidney disease diet treatment collected by experts; everyone may have a certain understanding of the knowledge above, only by receiving correct diagnosis, can achieving a better treatment. If you have other kidney problems you can browse other pages, also can consult online or leave us a message; kidney specialists in Tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine will give you the most professional and most effective treatment advice.

Diet treatment for chronic kidney disease
Diet treatment for chronic kidney disease

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