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What is the cause of eye edema?

admin TAGS:cause of eye edema 2017-08-02 17:11

Eyelid edema that we usually called eyelid edema, which is a relatively common phenomenon. Because the eyelid skin is the thinnest part of the body skin, subcutaneous tissue loose, so prone to accumulation of liquid and cause edema. There are many causes of eyelid edema, clinical according to their different causes of eyelid edema is generally pided into two kinds of physiological and pathological.
1. Physiological eyelid edema: generally because of lack of sleep at night, sleep too long, or because sleep pillow at night is too low, affecting facial blood caused by reflux. Some women will also occur during menstrual eyelid edema. This eyelid edema more common in healthy people, no effect on the body, often can naturally subsided.
2. Pathological eyelid edema: can be pided into inflammatory eyelid edema and non-inflammatory eyelid edema two. Inflammatory eyelid edema In addition to eyelid edema, there are local red, hot, pain and other symptoms. Common causes are: (1) acute inflammation of the eyelid, such as sty, erysipelas and so on. (2) eyelid trauma, such as eyelid chemical burns, insect stings. (3) eye inflammation, such as acute dacryocystitis, orbital periostitis and so on.
Non-inflammatory eyelid edema without local redness, heat, pain and other symptoms. Common causes are: (1) allergic diseases or allergic to eye drops. (2) heart disease, hypothyroidism and anemia can cause eyelid edema. (3) idiopathic neurovascular eyelid edema.
If the above conditions are not, then there may be a problem with the kidneys, it is necessary to timely check to the hospital, and actively find the cause, only the primary disease and systemic disease improved, eye edema is likely to gradually subsided. For kidney disease problems can not be ignored, so as not to cause greater harm, if you are uncertain, you can consult our online experts.

What is the cause of eye edema?
What is the cause of eye edema?

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