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Professor Zhang Daining's evaluation of Chinese nephropathy Research Institute

admin TAGS: 2017-08-04 14:52

Professor Zhang Daining's evaluation of Chinese nephropathy Research Institute is mainly reflected in four aspects:
Characteristics, advantages, management, talent
There are characteristics, but also advantages
"There are characteristics, but also advantages." Professor Zhang make such an evaluation to Chinese nephropathy Research Institute on the hiring ceremony.
Professor Zhang mentioned: characteristics and advantages are not the same, characteristic is very simple, many hospitals have difference between others, but some are useless "show", all of you wear a suit, I am a man wearing a skirt so that I am a characteristic, so the single characteristic is not useful. The characteristic effect of Chinese nephropathy Research Institute is remarkable, which has formed an advantage, this advantage is higher than others. There is a very important, the hospital has so many foreign patients! I have seen a lot of foreign patients in the morning, Ukrainian, Malaysian, Middle Eastern, so many foreigners. We also have foreign patients at the hospital in Tianjin, but it’s rare. This should be insisted, internationalization is an advantage.
Professor Zhang also talked about his medical experience: kidney disease, 60% in Chinese medicine, 40% in Western medicine, although the hormone is effective, but will rebound to a certain extent and side effects are so great, we have to use traditional Chinese medicine. Anemia, high blood pressure, high uric acid, these symptoms are effectively treated by Western medicine, but not effective in kidney failure, Western medicine can not lower creatinine level? And a patient take Chinese medicine for 6 weeks and then test once, perhaps creatinine is lowered, and this is the success.
Have both management talent and technical personnel
When talking about talent, Professor Zhang said that from a hospital, the software is more important than the hardware, software is the talent, "people" is the most important. According to the current state of development trends, the hardware is easy to do, but to convene a group of people who understand management and understand the technology, this is difficult.
Professor Zhang explain the management first: the management of the people, the importance of the experts will be reflected in the enthusiasm of the experts out. So the management is very important, that I think the management is of us good. And then talked about the technical team: listen to your doctor to report medical records, it’s really good, which for a doctor, and even the hospital level is a very important thing, once make ward rounds, report  medical record we can see that. Technical staff of this hospital, like Zheng Fa Lei, as well as, other experts invited from Beijing, Hebei Province, all of them are excellent.
"People" is very important, Professor Zhang repeatedly stressed this point, and Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has both management personnel, technical personnel.
Although Professor Zhang Daying gave us a high rating, but we know that we have space to improve from the goal of professor Zhang. With the participation of Professor Zhang Daning, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, our future Chinese medicine practitioners will be on a higher level.

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