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Young patients with nephrotic: what should pay attention to?

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If patients with kidney disease are distinguished by age, then the young patients between the ages of 15 and 35 are probably the best to restore. If you are in this age group, but the treatment is not satisfactory, the biggest possibility is the following things you did not pay attention to.
One, do not pay attention to, want to carry the past
Kidney disease in the early no pain, no itching, and even a common fever, colds are obvious than nephropathy. While young people first thought when they are sick is often relied on their own young body good carry over, and even do not carry carry disease, isn't what symptoms, so should eat the drink, not two years the results of renal failure.
Kidney disease is different from fever, cold, the body has not evolved to destroy its self-healing ability, who can not carry the past, so the young people who want to carry the past is the most vulnerable to kidney failure.
Two, work > Health
Have to say to the young people of the current social pressure is too large, young hard to make money, old money to buy life this is definitely not a joke. But for the kidney disease of young people, and hard words would be inappropriate.
The work is to improve their quality of life and family, in the early stage of nephropathy both spend time or money are relatively small, then find a copy of your own work is more useful for this purpose. Too much money from an excess of work is far from enough to make up for the aggravation of the illness because it is really not cheap to see a doctor now.
As for people who struggle to earn millions of minutes, keep fighting, for as long as you're not out of your health, you can really spend money. (this is a declarative sentence.)
Three, three, too face
Most of the young people is not a small circle of friends, everyone is young, usually Gesanchaiwu together is a great opportunity to promote feelings.
Isn't it too hard to party without drinking? Are young people, drink juice, drink can not accept things the opposite party, no other skill, blindly take drink much personality, but will make people look down on.
Driving does not drink because of "possible" car accident, kidney disease, drink more is "inevitable" aggravating condition, in the party strong drink, face may not earn, but the lining must be lost.
For most of the more serious young people, it is not bad treatment, but not bad physique, often because they do not pay attention to life, do not realize that this will hurt your body.
Can really pay attention to the above three things, although it can not guarantee you recover, but basically can guarantee your condition is no longer aggravating, live better.

Young patients with nephrotic: what should pay attention to?
Young patients with nephrotic: what should pay attention to?

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