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Hypertensive patients are prone to attack in Summer

admin TAGS: 2017-08-08 16:36

Summer blood vessels stretch, blood pressure will naturally reduce, you can stop drugs. Whether the need to adjust the summer blood pressure program, mainly to see whether there are obvious symptoms of hypotension. If so, should reduce the dose, or even withdrawal. But if only according to the day or week of hot weather and adjust the medication, will significantly increase blood pressure fluctuations, improve the risk of cardiovascular disease.
hypertensive patients are prone to attack in Summer
After taking medication dry cough, fatigue, edema and discomfort and withdrawal. Some people take antihypertensive drugs, there will be obvious adverse reactions, such as taking angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors after the emergence of irritating cough, taking angiotensin receptor antagonist after diarrhea and other intestinal dysfunction. They may stop the drugs because of can not stand.
Patients should not be afraid of adverse reactions and withdrawal, adverse reactions, should be under the guidance of the doctor, reduce the dose of drugs, or replaced by other types of antihypertensive drugs. Some discomfort in the medication after a period of time significantly alleviated, or even disappear.
So, when can you stop drugs?
1, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, blood pressure returned to normal. Long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle, such as low-salt diet, physical exercise, blood pressure returned to normal or even low level. On the basis of detailed diagnostic evaluation, you can stop.
2, taking medicine because of misdiagnosed. Some people are nervous when they measure blood pressure at the hospital, which leads to a transient increase in blood pressure. If through 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring or blood pressure at home, found that everything is normal, can be identified as "white coat hypertension" should stop taking antihypertensive drugs.
3, the occurrence of complications after the low blood pressure. Some hypertensive patients in the event of stroke, myocardial infarction or heart failure, blood pressure dropped significantly to normal or even lower levels.The antihypertensive treatment should be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor at this time.

Hypertensive patients are prone to attack in Summer
Hypertensive patients are prone to attack in Summer

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