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Causes of kidney atrophic

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What is the cause of kidney atrophic? How to confirm the kidney atrophic? Kidney atrophic can be detected by B ultrasound generally. Many people in the kidney B-ultrasound found in their own kidney atrophic, kidney atrophic general will appear left renal atrophy, right kidney atrophy and renal atrophy symptoms. In fact, kidney atrophic is based on the kidney volume and age, gender and body height, weight compared to each other, relatively small or significantly reduced an anomaly. Longer kidney disease, leading to nephrons, especially glomerular damage, so that the entire size of the kidneys shrink.
Kidney atrophic and renal function changes are complementary, when the patient has kidney atrophic has or will inevitably appear renal insufficiency and to renal failure - uremia. It is therefore essential to improve and control kidney atrophic in the treatment of nephropathy.
In general, the reasons for causing kidney atrophic are the following:
1, congenital renal hypoplasia, followed by the end of the kidney disease, that is, kidney failure, uremia or some acute illness. Such as acute glomerular disease, diabetic nephrosclerosis, renal transplant rejection, chronic glomerulonephritis, renal cortical necrosis, Alport syndrome, acute tubular necrosis, hypertensive renal sclerosis.
2, bilateral kidney or side of the kidney shrinkage is the cause of chronic pyelonephritis, which is a common cause of kidney atrophic.
3, In general, the development of chronic kidney disease to renal insufficiency, especially renal failure, uremia, serum creatinine, elevated blood urea nitrogen, kidney damage, kidney damage, the kidneys will shrink. So to remind the kidney atrophic patients must be highly concerned about the disease, kidney disease hidden very strong, if the glomerular filtration rate of less than 50%, that is, severe renal injury when the clinical symptoms were produced accordingly. After the diagnosis of kidney atrophic must be actively looking for reasons to troubleshoot the condition.
4, in addition, kidney atrophic reasons there are two points: kidney tuberculosis (unilateral kidney shrink, with contralateral kidney hydration or compensatory increase), renal artery stenosis and congenital hypoplasia.
Above is the cause of kidney atrophic reasons, hope to suffer in the future life of more attention, so that a good care work, if the physical symptoms of discomfort, we must promptly to the regular hospital for examination, make accurate diagnosis, and then To be treated as soon as possible out of the kidney atrophic torture, early rehabilitation, if you have questions need to consult, you can contact our online experts, we will reply as soon possible.

Causes of kidney atrophic
Causes of kidney atrophic

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