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Can kidney cyst cause protein in urine?

admin TAGS:can kidney cyst cause protein in urine 2017-10-18 15:11

There are many kinds of reasons cause protein in urine,  the emergence of protein with kidney disease have a great relationship,the kidney be damaged can lead to protein in urine, we should pay attention to kidney health today, let’s learn about it.
The formation process of urine: the blood flowing through the glomerulus, blood uric acid, urea, water, inorganic salt, small molecular substances such as protein and glucose through the filtration function of glomerular filtration, the renal capsule, primary urine formation. When the urine flows through the renal tubule, all the glucose, most of the water and some inorganic salts and proteins in the urine are reabsorbed by the renal tubules and returned to the capillaries of the renal tubules. The urine passes through the reabsorption of the renal tubule, and the remaining water and inorganic salts, urea, and uric acid form urine. Therefore, normal urine should not contain protein. But if the renal tubular permeability changes, it can also cause proteinuria.
Reasonable diet: improper diet is an important cause of renal cyst, so in life need to pay attention to the reasonable diet, not long time hunger, not overeating, need to ensure time and quality of food, do not eat too much greasy food, in addition to the need to control the intake of protein, so as not to aggravate the burden of kidney usually, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, the kidney function not good people need more attention.
The prevention of influenza: research shows that cold is the main reason causing renal cyst, patients with nephritis will aggravate the disease if they have cold, many patients with nephropathy symptoms is not obvious, because the body's immune ability decrease. Therefore, in life, the need to prevent the occurrence of colds, to avoid cold invasion, sleep to keep warm, cold during the epidemic as far as possible to avoid going out, once the symptoms of cold, need timely treatment.
Strengthen exercise: some patients with renal cyst due to worry about exacerbations, coupled with poor physical fitness, and therefore do not like exercise, in fact, this is wrong, this will lead to slow down the renal blood flow, aggravating the disease. In patients with stable kidney disease should be appropriate to participate in some physical exercise, on the one hand can enhance resistance and immunity, on the other hand will strengthen the renal blood flow, repair damaged kidneys.
Therefore, the urine protein may have two reasons, one is caused by renal cysts, but unlikely, another is the kidney itself, such as, nephritis, renal failure can be caused, therefore, is recommended to the hospital diagnosis. Renal cyst will happen, this is the case, we are not sure it is renal cyst and proteinuria in urine, experts suggest that you go to the hospital to make an accurate diagnosis, to avoid misdiagnosis, contribute to our physical and mental health.

Can renal cysts cause proteins in urine
Can renal cysts cause proteins in urine

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