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Can young people suffer from chronic nephritis?

admin TAGS: 2017-08-11 18:05

In the course of the treatment of diseases, many people say, how can such a young person suffer from this disease? In fact, the incidence of this disease is concentrated in young adults, if review the history, many people began to suffer from a chronic nephritis when age is very young, because a lot of people check to uremia, unable to know exactly when suffering from chronic nephritis of the disease, so there is no statistical data the accurate prompt us to chronic nephritis morbidity age. But to remind you that the chronic nephritis can occur at any age, and most of the patients age of onset is very light, from the onset to develop into uremia, if not treated as long as possible a few years to 10 years.

Can young people suffer from chronic nephritis?

Chronic nephritis have occult, many people with the deviation of understanding, although the "invisible killer" in a step by step the erosion of the patient's kidney, but the kidney has a strong compensatory function, even if the patient has serious illness, can not have any symptoms, on the surface and ordinary people. In fact, compensation and decompensation are like the dam that is about to burst, like the dam that burst, and the former seems all right, but a disaster is coming. If the remedy is done well before the breach, uremia may be avoided, or at least delayed.


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