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Dialysis patients - Is your family blood pressure method correct

admin TAGS:Dialysis patients 2017-08-14 17:42

There are three ways to measure blood pressure: the Department of blood pressure, blood pressure and home blood pressure, which is the commonly used method of blood pressure. However, for dialysis patients, the correct collection of family blood pressure values, for self-management and doctors and nurses to provide accurate information and then adjust the treatment program, health education is very important.
Dialysis patients - Is your family blood pressure method correct?
Currently used for "family self-test" sphygmomanometer has three categories:
1. Traditional mercury column (mercury) type blood pressure monitor ①: There are two types of desktop and vertical. Blood pressure measured by the use of such blood pressure meter is reliable and most commonly used, but the volume is slightly larger, inconvenient to carry, and mercury easy to leak, volatile, need to regularly check. Not through professional training, it is difficult to grasp the measurement technology.
2. Pressure gauge (spring) type sphygmomanometer: the use of pneumatic pump pressure measurement, small size, easy to carry, and no mercury leakage of the shortcomings, but with the increase in the number of applications, due to changes in spring properties affect the accuracy of the results Sex, so the need for regular calibration with the standard mercury column sphygmomanometer. At present, such sphygmomanometers have been rare.
3. Electronic sphygmomanometer: electronic sphygmomanometer is the use of electronic pressure, pulse sensor (instead of stethoscope) to identify the pressure and pulse signal, and expressed in digital form. Its advantages are easy to operate, intuitive readings, just press the button will automatically measure, suitable for home use. However, electronic sphygmomanometer also has the shortcomings of high error rate, but also often to the standard mercury column blood pressure gauge shall be subject to calibration. Such sphygmomanometers are widely used in homes. Household electronic sphygmomanometer from the measurement of the main two: First, arm, the second is the wrist. These two electronic sphygmomanometers are suitable for healthy people. But to note that the wrist of the electronic sphygmomanometer, does not apply to patients with blood circulation disorders. Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other diseases will accelerate the arteriosclerosis, causing patients with peripheral circulatory disorders, these patients with wrist blood pressure and upper arm blood pressure measured a large difference between the proposed patients and the elderly choose arm-type electronic sphygmomanometer.

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