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Characteristics of micro Chinese medicine treatment

First, the blockade effect of Chinese medicine treatment: At first, grasp the source and expand the blood vessel measures. The promoter of renal fibrosis is renal ischemia and hypoxia, which is caused by local microcirculatory disturbance o...

Characteristics of micro Chinese medicine treatment

May 30, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

First, the blockade effect of Chinese medicine treatment:

At first, grasp the source and expand the blood vessel measures. The promoter of renal fibrosis is renal ischemia and hypoxia, which is caused by local microcirculatory disturbance of the kidney. When the active substance of the micro drug enters the patient, it will target the injured kidney. Play the following role of the treatment of Chinese medicine: 

(1) expand the renal artery at all levels, improve the local microcirculation disturbance, increase the renal perfusion effectively, improve the anoxic status of the damaged kidney, increase the local metabolism, and accelerate the damaged kidney repair. (2) while micro Chinese medicine active substances can expand the body of the surrounding blood vessels, improve body microcirculation, promote blood loop flow, improve hypoxia body caused by kidney disease, alleviate the symptoms of poisoning. (3) micro active substances in Chinese medicine can also improve the microcirculation disturbance of digestive system, relieve the edema of the digestive tract caused by kidney diseases, promote the secretion of digestive juices and increase the appetite.

Micro active substances of Chinese medicine expanded the blood vessels at different levels, improved the internal disorder of the patients and alleviated the symptoms of poisoning caused by uremia.

The second is the anti-inflammatory effect of micronized Chinese medicine:

(1) inhibiting production of inflammatory mediators, cytokines, growth factors, and the renal toxicity of inactivated; (2) inhibit platelet activation, prevent the release of PDGF and TXA2, inhibit thrombosis; (3) inhibition of lipid deposition in the vascular wall, control the inflammatory reaction caused by heavy (; 4) intervention in the process of oxidative stress, improve endothelial function, increased peroxidase and SOD level, inhibit peroxidation; free radical scavenging;

(5) reduce the pro-inflammatory response of CRP and increase the anti-inflammatory level of IL-10;

The third is to reduce the anticoagulant and anti thrombosis effect of the traditional Chinese medicine:

(1) inhibition of platelet activation: initiation of NO production pathway in endothelial cells and increase of NO synthesis. (2) to promote the synthesis of cGMP in platelets, and to activate the pathway of NO production in endothelial cells, and to promote the synthesis of NO. (3) decrease the concentration of Ca2+ in platelets and inhibit the adhesion and aggregation of platelets. (4) prevent platelet release of PDGF, TXA2, 5-HT and ADP.

The fourth is to reduce the effect of extracellular matrix on the degradation of Chinese herbal medicine:

(1) activation of MMPs zymogen plasminogen (PA), resulting in increased MMPs and PA production, increased degradation activity, and accelerated degradation of ECM;

(2) inhibit the formation of TIMPs and PAI, reduce the biological activity of inhibiting degradation, and accelerate the degradation of ECM.

(3) micro active substances in Chinese medicine enter the patient's kidney scale, promote the dynamic balance between MMPs/TIMPs and PA/PAI in vivo, accelerate the degradation of ECM and block the fibrosis of kidney.

Second. The four measures of "inactivation, reversion, apoptosis and degradation" in the process of fibrosis formation.

After targeting the renal lesion, the micro active substances of Chinese medicine can play the following six roles in the expansion of damaged renal vessels at all levels:

1. Expand the arteries at all levels to supply oxygen to the damaged kidney tissue and relieve the state of renal hypoxia.

"2" activate the metabolic function of damaged kidney cells, which can reverse the phenotype of damaged natural cells.

"3." biphasic regulation of immune function inhibits its continued immune mediated damage to damaged glomeruli.

"4" on inflammatory mediators, cytokines, growth factor induced renal toxicity factor of a series of activities (inactivated, the anti-inflammatory effect of micro Chinese Medicine) can block the renal function damaged cells to injury, promote the normal metabolism of reversal.

"5" promotes the apoptosis of fibroblasts and immune complexes, blocking their continued synthesis and secretion of ECM.

"6" increase the production of renal degrading enzymes, promote the degradation of ECM, reduce the damage of ECM to renal tissue, and restore the impaired renal function.

The reduction of renal fibrosis by the active use of the active substances in the Chinese herbal medicine can only play a role in the reversible stage of renal fibrosis, but can not be effective for the damaged part. Therefore, advise the masses of patients with kidney disease, when suffering from a variety of chronic kidney disease, they should get standardized treatment as soon as possible, do not miss the best time to treat.

Three, micro - active substances in Chinese medicine, while blocking renal fibrosis, also have the function of repairing damaged kidney tissue. Micro Chinese medicine can provide a comfortable environment for the repair of damaged kidney (including micro Chinese medicine oxygen and anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects) and provide repair material; promote the synthesis of kidney in DNA replication and repair protein; and can inhibit the renal toxicity factor and inflammatory mediators (anti-inflammatory effects), and low density lipoprotein (LDL) inhibit the peroxidation and immune complexes on the injured kidney to damage. Repair in place after the renal filtration area, enhanced filtration function, reduce the leakage of protein, improve microcirculation, reduce hematuria, urinary creatinine increased, patients will experience these clinical manifestations in person.



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