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Characteristic Therapy

Tongshantang Medical Group for everyone to offer the most effective and most traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease methods, such as foot bath...

The patient gave us feedback

The patient gave us feedbackMs.PofromChongqingsentabannertoshowtheimprovementofcurativeeffectandtakecareofherduringthisperiod.Thisbannerrepresentsthepatientstrustandthankstous!Infact,weshouldbemorethankyou-isyourtrusttoproveourtreatmenteff ...

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Micro Chinese medicine bath therapy technology

Micro Chinese medicine bath therapy technologyMicrochemical treatment of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine of TCM. The Chinese medicine bath is a special treatment in the treatment of Chinese medicine. It is ...

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How to prevent nephrotic syndrome in daily life

How to prevent nephrotic syndrome in daily lifeWith the development of the society, the progress of science and technology, our daily exposure to hazardous substances are increasing, the body has brought a lot of hidden trouble to us, and our body immunity d ...

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Cupping therapy for hypertension

Cupping therapy for hypertensionIn the summer the elderly unstable blood pressure, dizziness, thrombosis and other diseases, in order to make the health of the elderly patients with hypertension by summer, cupping therapy on blood pressure, th ...

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