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Creatinine above the normal level, how to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys?

This article mainly describes the normal value of creatinine and creatinine above normal treatment and conditioning....

Creatinine above the normal level, how to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys?

Sep 28, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Creatinine is over normal range how to reduce it? The most important of reducing creatinine level is how to repair damaged kidney, strengthen their own function and detoxification. We help patients and their families to ask this question, get expert answers, I hope it can help: how can we reduce creatinine? First of all, check your kidney damage, simple serum creatinine indicators can not be representative, it depends on your Glomerular rate, your urine, your kidney fibrosis test results.
The traditional treatment of the past is only to reduce the creatinine index, rather than repair the basement membrane, so creatinine is not really down, even if it goes down, it is also temporary. So how to reduce creatinine? What method is the most effective? "Treat the inside disease outside" combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment - integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapy is currently optimistic in the medical profession.
Creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism in the human body, the human body serum creatinine normal value of 40-120umol / L. Because of your renal function failure, glomerular regulation function and detoxification function decline, which led to toxins can not be excreted, so that the body can’t excrete the excess creatinine. How can we reduce creatinine? Important thing is to repair the kidney problem, if youwant to control the disease and indicators at this time, we need to take treatment for the the source ofdisease, that is to take comprehensive treatment measures. The treatment of uremia requires an objective and systematic treatment.
To promote and improve the microcirculation of kidney which has hematogenous necrosis,speed up the diseased kidney metabolism, how to reduce creatinine? Make active ingredients in the drug to fully play a role in repairing damaged glomerular, enhanced glomerular reabsorption, restore normal renal normal function, so that blood creatinine can be reduced to normal.
It repairs glomerular basement membrane by regulating systemic immune function, make the active ingredients of drugs spread through the penetration of the points to the patient's kidney, as to make kidney active, blood circulation, as a way to clearblood stasis in the body, in order to activate the kidney function, how can we reduce creatinine? Chinese and Western medicine combination is a good way.
The main function of the traditional Chinese medicine is to remove the immune complex and diseased tissue leading to glomerular basement membrane injury, and repair the damaged glomerular basement membrane. How to reduce the creatinine? As long as the damaged basement membrane repair, change the kidney structure, expand the glomerular filtration area, serum creatinine indicators will gradually decline, but this requires a process, we must prevent colds at this time, control diet and emotions, do not be tired, control blood pressure, blood sugar and other factors, to protect the kidney function.

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