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The treatment and symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy_Hypertensive nephropathy

In there, you will find something about Hypertensive Nephropathy, helpful and bad food for it, five stage to cure it, the reason to cause this disease

Diet nursing for patients with hypertensive nephropathy

Diet nursing for patients with hypertensive nephropathy1.hypertensive nephropathy patients should eat more high calcium 、potassium foods ,such as kelp、asparagus potato、eggplant 、yoghurt 、shrimp 、milk .Hypertensive nephropathy patient should eat less brot ...

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Five stages of hypertensive nephropathy

Five stages of hypertensive nephropathyStage one : Microalbuminuria stage :The abnormal albumin excretion rate as the main characteristic .Renal function normal ,routine urine test protein negative . Stage two :Clinical proteinuria stage : Is charact ...

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Daily habit lead to hypertensive nephropathy

Daily habit lead to hypertensive nephropathy1.Change the dietary habit : Analyze your own diet under the doctors advice ,change the bad dietary diet ,limit some foods .Only in this way can accord with the nutritional requirement ,improve the life quality ...

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