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The treatment of IgA nephropathy_The diet of IgA nephropathy_IgA nephropathy

It contains the suitable diet, nursing methods, the relationship between cold and IgA Nephropathy, reason of it and the harm of it.

Iga nephropathy autoimmune kidney disease

Iga nephropathy autoimmune kidney diseaseIgA nephropathy is an autoimmune nephropathy, IgA nephropathy in patients with a large number of immune complex deposition will lead to iga kidney disease hematuria symptoms. ...

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IgA nephropathy foods to avoid

IgA nephropathy foods to avoidIga nephritis is one of the most common renal diseases in our country, and the symptoms of this disease are also very complex. The main feature is that there is an immune complex deposition of IgA or IgA in the ...

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