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The treatment of IgA nephropathy_The diet of IgA nephropathy_IgA nephropathy

It contains the suitable diet, nursing methods, the relationship between cold and IgA Nephropathy, reason of it and the harm of it.

Early symptoms of children with IgA nephropathy

Early symptoms of children with IgA nephropathyPediatric IgA nephropathy act as an immune pathological diagnosis ,that is the kidney immune pathology shows that simple IgA or IgA is given priority to with immune globulin deposit in the glomerular mesangial a ...

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How to nurse IgA nephropathy patients ?

How to nurse IgA nephropathy patients ?1.Mental rehabilitation Patients with blood urine have different degrees of mental stress 、depression and pessimism .Therefore,in daily life ,the relatives and the family members should take good care of the p ...

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What is IgA nephropathy ?

What is IgA nephropathy ?IgA nephropathy(IgA nephritis) is kidney disorder which causes IgA immune complexes to be deposited and trapped in the glomeruli, where they cause inflammation, proliferation of cells in the mesangial matrix, an ...

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