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The treatment of IgA nephropathy_The diet of IgA nephropathy_IgA nephropathy

It contains the suitable diet, nursing methods, the relationship between cold and IgA Nephropathy, reason of it and the harm of it.

IgA nephropathy patients are fastidious about bed rest

IgA nephropathy patients are fastidious about bed restAfter suffering from IgA nephritis, a lot of people will often ask: Whether i need bed rest? Experts pointed out that IgA nephritis patients need bed rest, must be determined according to the condition. In addit ...

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Recurrent factors in IgA nephropathy

Recurrent factors in IgA nephropathyAfter suffering from IgA nephropathy, what is the reason for the bad treatment? It is believed that this is the most important topic of attention for all patients with IgA nephropathy. The effect of IgA nephropa ...

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Abdominal pain may be caused by IgA nephropathy

Abdominal pain may be caused by IgA nephropathyHow much does a patient know about the characteristics of IgA nephropathy? This is the deposition of IgA based immune complex in the mesangial region, and the glomerular tissue has a different response to the de ...

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Is IgA nephropathy hereditary?

Is IgA nephropathy hereditary?IGA nephropathy is a common kidney disease, which is one of the most common primary glomerular disease, also known as Bergers disease, is at the glomerular mesangial area in IgA or IgA deposition, usually with o ...

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How to prevent the recurrence of IgA nephropathy

How to prevent the recurrence of IgA nephropathyThe occurrence of the disease inour healthy is harmful, so when when suffer fromIgA nephropathy, we must treatment quickly andunderstand the method for preventing relapse,so that thetreatment is the most effecti ...

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