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Peanut and health

Peanut, also known as peanut, is praised as plant meat by people. Daily life can be seen. It is called natural health medicine. Today, I will introduce to you the health effects, taboos and practices of peanuts Health - preserving efficacy...

Peanut and health

Apr 06, 2018 by Kidney Disease Expert

Peanut, also known as peanut, is praised as "plant meat" by people. Daily life can be seen. It is called "natural health medicine". Today, I will introduce to you the health effects, taboos and practices of peanuts
Health - preserving efficacy of peanuts
Lowering cholesterol: the fat in peanut can make the cholesterol in the liver decompose into bile acid, promote excretion, thus reduce the cholesterol content in blood, can prevent atherosclerosis.
Anti-aging: peanut high content of protein and amino acids can also improve memory, delay aging.It contains vitamin E to delay tissue aging and enhance liver detoxification.The content of zinc in peanut was generally higher than that in other oil crops.Zinc can promote the development of children's brain, enhance the function of brain memory, activate the brain cells of middle and old people, delay the premature aging of human body, and have anti-aging effect.
Enhance hematopoietic function: peanut has the function of stopping bleeding and promoting platelet, and the effect of peanut red clothes is 50 times stronger than peanut itself, so it is better for those who need blood supply and hemostasis to eat peanut with red clothes.It should be eaten in red clothes.
Bone development in children: peanut is rich in calcium, which can promote bone development in children and prevent degenerative diseases in the elderly.Peanut contains rich fat oil and protein, the postpartum milk deficiency has the nourishing effect.
Prevention of tumors and cardiovascular diseases: peanut, peanut oil contains a highly bioactive natural polyphenols-resveratrol.It is a natural chemical prophylaxis of tumor diseases and can also reduce platelet aggregation and prevent and treat atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Moisturizing intestines and defecation: peanut is rich in fat and has the effect of moisturizing intestines. To a certain extent, it can prevent constipation, but can't eat too much, too much can cause diarrhea.
The taboo of Peanut
Gout patients: a high-fat diet reduces uric acid excretion and exacerbates the condition, so peanuts should be fasted during acute gout attacks.
Cholecystectomy: after cholecystectomy, bile cannot be stored, which will inevitably affect the digestion of fat in oil crops such as peanuts
Gastropathy: peanut nuts, high in protein and fat, difficult to digest and absorb
Hyperlipidemia patients: peanuts are high fat, high-calorie food, eat more can only aggravate the disease.
Indigestion: peanut contains a lot of fat, enteritis, dysentery and other spleen and stomach dysfunction after eating will aggravate the disease
When the blood stasis is eaten , the blood stasis can be caused to be scattered , and the symptoms of swelling and pain may be aggravated .


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