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stage 3 kidney disease diet-kidney healthy

Stage 3 Kidney Disease Diet section for everyone to introduce kidney disease mid-term diet recommendations and taboo help patients with a healthy diet.

Can tofu cause kidney failure?

Can tofu cause kidney failure?Tofu that we are no stranger to our daily life is one of the more common ingredients, but recently there is news that tofu can cause kidney failure, which is true? Here our kidney disease experts specifically fo ...

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Four mistakes in diet of renal failure

Four mistakes in diet of renal failureI believe we all heard that patients with renal failure should eat less salt or salt, less water, but really all patient with kidney failure need do this? Today, Tong Shantang kidney disease experts on the speci ...

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What is renal failure diet?

What is renal failure diet?I believe we know that patients in addition to actively cooperate with the doctors treatment, the daily life of health care can not be ignored. Now more and more patients suffering from renal failure in the soci ...

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Can diet cause kidney failure?

Can diet cause kidney failure?There is an old saying in China that Disease enters by the mouth. meaning that whatever disease comes into our body from our mouth. So whether is true of renal failure? Recently tongshantang experts say yes, the ...

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Azotemia diet

Azotemia dietAzotemiaalso calledrenal insufficiency, at this timeblood urea nitrogen and creatinine were slightly elevated, and the damage to the kidneys was about 70%. If we ignore this disease at the moment, leaving the re ...

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