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Renal dysfunction is a major cause of cardiovascular death!

Written by admin | Published on 2017-09-17


A new study found that by 2013 the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease worldwide had surpassed the number of deaths from kidney failure. The study, published in the Journal Journal of the American of Nephrology (JASN), brings new insights into the social impact of kidney disease, and highlights the importance of screening for kidney disease (Society).

Impaired kidney function has a serious negative impact on the health of the cardiovascular system and increases the risk of congestive heart failure, heart disease and stroke. In order to study the chronic kidney disease (CKD) effect on the health of the cardiovascular system, from the University of Washington MD Bernadette Thomas and several international partners and the international society of Nephrology and the prognosis of chronic kidney disease with union members from around the world during the evaluation of disease burden of 1990-2013 6 time points, 188 national kidney function. The disease (CKD 3, 4, 5) of the epidemic situation.

The researchers estimated that the decline in renal function was associated with 4% (2 million 200 thousand) deaths worldwide in 2013, with more than half (1 million 200 thousand) associated with cardiovascular deaths and 960 thousand deaths from kidney failure. To the developing countries and developed countries in the disability adjusted life years (the number of years lost due to illness, disability or early death) people, renal function is weakened with higher SBP, BMI and fasting blood glucose of high risk factors, quite exceed the standard and total cholesterol.

"Understanding the real impact of kidney disease on society requires simultaneous consideration of cardiovascular health, late kidney disease and disability."Thomas said, "This is particularly important for developing countries where mortality rates are increasing year by year in 1990."


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