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disease recipes-kidney healthy

Kidney Health Network kidney disease recipe section for everyone to introduce different kidney disease patients, different diet precautions.

Kidney transplant family health diet

Kidney transplant family health dietKidney transplant family health diet: then leave the health care workers close monitoring, coupled with significant increase in appetite, weight gain faster, then you need to develop long-term diet plan. The fol ...

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What kind of food can help kidney stone decomposition?

What kind of food can help kidney stone decomposition?As we all know, calcium oxalate is one of the most common causes of kidney stones, and kidney stones are basically our body acid-base unbalance, cause the body of certain metabolites accumulation, not the normal ...

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What foods are not good for the kidneys?

What foods are not good for the kidneys?What kind of beans is not good to kidney: Beans and bean products: beans, bean sprouts, green beans, red beans, peas, tofu, dried beans, soy milk, lentils. What kind of fruits is not good to kidney: Nuts food: m ...

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