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Kidney transplant family health diet

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-25


Kidney transplant family health diet: then leave the health care workers close monitoring, coupled with significant increase in appetite, weight gain faster, then you need to develop long-term diet plan. The following is a summary of the kidney transplant family health diet:

  • 1. Water: kidney transplant patients should be more than 2000 ml of water per day, such as oliguria (urine less than 400 ml / day), the day of drinking water should be 500 to 750 ml plus the first 24 hours of total urine output.
  • 2. Salt: In addition to postoperative polyuria, the limit of salt intake is necessary. Early postoperative low-salt diet, the general daily intake of salt 3 to 4 grams. No edema, no high blood pressure is not strictly limited. Six months after less than 6 grams per day.
  • 3. Carbohydrates: including cereals, rice and pasta. Due to corticosteroids, FK506, cyclosporine and other drugs, eating too much sugar products can cause drug hyperglycemia. So to avoid high sugar intake. Recommended carbohydrate intake of 150 to 250 g / day. Pumpkin, potatoes, potato and yam can help reduce cholesterol.
  • 4. Protein: Postoperative recovery period of 1.2 to 1.5 g / kg body weight per day. Weight 60 kg of adults per day intake of about 70 to 90 grams. Should eat animal protein, the main consumption of milk, eggs, lean meat, black fish, carp, carp and so on. Less edible soy products and other plant protein.
  • 5. Fat: part of the kidney transplant patients with dyslipidemia, hyperlipidemia. Kidney transplant patients should be light, avoid greasy, do not eat fried foods, limit high cholesterol foods such as animal offal, egg yolk, crab, roe, trotters, pork skin, chicken skin and other intake. Recommended to eat chicken, fish and other "white meat", eat less cattle, sheep, pork and other "red meat." Recommended edible vegetable oil, chicken oil, fish and so on.
  • 6. Calcium: intermittent eating calcium-rich foods such as milk, ribs soup to prevent osteoporosis. Boiled soup when appropriate vine can increase the dissolution of calcium absorption. In addition, calcium can not be excessive, otherwise it will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Kidney transplantation, renal function recovery and exclusion treatment is the most important, nutrition therapy is to protect health, improve the quality of life, extend the basic and links of life. For renal transplant patients, we must pay attention to and understand the immunosuppressive agents on the nutritional metabolism and side effects, and take certain drugs and the corresponding nutritional treatment measures to prevent and reduce the complications caused by immunosuppressive agents to maintain normal physiological function. For a better diet, please consult our online doctor.

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