China Institute of Nephrology tells which people does kidney disease like?

A variety of predisposing factors of chronic kidney disease persity, director of Huaxia kidney Institute Sun said clinical proof of people under the kidney disease incidence rate is higher than other people: one is suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease family history of these four kinds of people are more likely to suffer from kidney disease; two had metabolic disease (obesity, high cholesterol, high uric acid), chronic urinary tract infection, urinary tract obstruction, autoimmune disease (such as lupus erythematosus), long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics), high protein diet, smoking, excessive drinking, low birth weight, age 65 more people are also at risk for kidney disease.
There is an incredible incentive to mention the flu, which is known as "upper respiratory tract infection", and this common "little disease", has a huge risk of kidney disease. Director of China kidney Institute Sun said in our daily admissions of patients, there is a kind of chronic kidney disease called IgA nephropathy, most patients after interrogation said there were "cold" in a very short period of time before the onset, medical research has proved the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection and the existence of objective contact nephropathy.
Director of China kidney Institute Sun said that due to the improvement of living standards, people eat well, exercise less due to obesity, a sharp decline in physical fitness, leading to the "metabolic syndrome", cause of chronic kidney disease incidence rate also increased in speed.
What is the main clinical manifestations of nephropathy? Chinese kidney institute director Sun introduced, the most common clinical manifestations of chronic kidney disease: eyelid edema, leg hematuria, urine color deepened, urinary foam increase, hypertension, increased frequency of urination, nocturnal night double leg cramps, these are some early performance; the common manifestations are: Advanced hypertension induced dizziness, blurred vision, anemia pallor, fatigue, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting and even some ill coma was discovered.
But the early performance mentioned above is only a general summary, and many people do not necessarily appear, so for the patients, the symptoms appear to be lucky, and they are the warning to us from the body. Unfortunately, many people are asymptomatic in the early stages, and have been missed in the later stages of treatment.
Therefore, regular physical examination, early detection of kidney disease is necessary.
In this regard, the director of China kidney Institute Sun said, many kidney disease patients during the treatment of symptoms were improved or discomfort symptoms due to discomfort or superstition or to consider the various factors of drug side effects and without stopping. There are many such patients around them. Some have to rely on long-term hemodialysis for life. Failure to take the medicine according to the doctor's instructions and irregular visit to the doctor, once the condition is aggravated, involves multiple system damage, the treatment and rescue are not timely, and it will endanger life and pay a heavy price. For lupus kidney patients, should be good treatment of protracted war, always pay attention to changes in the condition, regular review, follow the doctor's advice, do not arbitrarily increase and decrease drugs and unauthorized withdrawal or unexpected pregnancy.

China Institute of Nephrology tells which people does kidney disease like?

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