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What is the harm of gout on kidney?

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The kidneys are the most commonly infested site for gout patients except the joints. In fact, if kidney pathology is performed on patients with gout in the year-round, almost every patient can detect kidney damage with varying degrees of knowledge.

However, precisely because of the strong endurance of the kidneys, only about 1/3 patients develop kidney symptoms during gout.

Gouty kidney disease contains the following three types.

Chronic gouty kidney disease

High-intensity operation of the machine will affect the service life, as the kidney is the human body's internal machine. Gout patients with long-term high levels of uric acid in the kidney, the kidneys are also under long-term overload of labor intensity, the internal parts are also easy to wear and tear.

In addition, serum uric acid in the supersaturated state, urate crystals deposited in the kidney tissue, can lead to chronic renal interstitial nephritis, renal tubular degeneration, atrophy, fibrosis, sclerosis, which in turn affect the glomerular those small vascular, chronic glomerulonephritis occurred. Patients may experience the following symptoms during this process:

1. Increased frequency of urination at night: Initially, when tubules were compromised, their function of concentrating diminished and the proportion of urine excreted decreased. Many patients found that they had increased frequency of urination at night.

2. Foam urine, back pain or lower extremity edema: When there is glomerular damage, there will be mild proteinuria and microscopic hematuria, some people will also feel pain in the waist, careful people will also notice their lower limbs have some swelling signs.

3. Renal hypertension: With the further deterioration of the disease, patients will have renal hypertension, renal insufficiency, eventually developing chronic renal failure.

Acute uric acid nephropathy

Acute uric acid nephropathy is more common in patients with secondary gout. The so-called secondary gout, refers to the source of gout disease is not their own uric acid metabolism, but there are other causes, such as kidney disease, blood diseases, taking certain drugs, tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other factors.

The most typical acute urinary nephropathy seen in patients with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After treatment, a large number of tumor cells in the patient are killed by the chemotherapy drugs, which are catabolized to produce a large amount of uric acid, so that the serum uric acid concentration reaches supersaturation rapidly.

Uric acid crystals deposited in the tubules, collecting tube, renal pelvis, ureter and other parts, causing extensive urinary tract obstruction, the patient can quickly reduce the urine output or even no urine, causing acute renal failure and so on.

Uric acid urinary tract stones

In addition to depositing in renal tubules, uric acid crystals can deposit urinary tract stones in other parts of the urinary system, with a total incidence of over 20% in gout patients.

Many people mistakenly believe that urolithiasis is the result of year-round ventilation, and in fact, urinary tract stones in some patients can occur earlier than gouty arthritis.

Gout patients with urinary tract stones is the main component of urate, followed by protein, polysaccharides and other organic ingredients as well as sodium, potassium, calcium and trace amounts of iron, phosphorus, magnesium and other elements.

Small urinary tract stones into gravel-like, with the urine excreted, the patient sometimes without any clinical symptoms.

But urinary tract stones become larger, can cause urinary tract obstruction, causing renal colic, hematuria, pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis and other diseases. Over time, the same will affect kidney function, and eventually lead to renal failure.

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