Chronic renal failure may cause abdominal distension, such as the emergence of the phenomenon of the renal failure may appear phosphorus metabolic disorder phenomenon, this time the body often needs to regulate the phosphorus excretion of gastrointestinal disorders by way of the phenomenon, the patients are prone to diarrhea, in the review process is likely to have symptoms of abdominal distension. However, it is need to note that abdominal distension is not a typical symptom of chronic renal failure. Chronic renal failure in some cases may not have any symptoms, sometimes it only showed body fatigue, back pain and nocturia.

Some patients with chronic renal failure and loss of appetite, body is prone to metabolic acidosis, there will be slight symptoms of anemia, at this time if the early intervention treatment, these symptoms can be improved soon. But often the condition is easily delayed because of the atypical symptoms of the disease.

Chronic renal failure, serious cases will appear uremia, and can cause acute heart failure, can cause hyperkalemia, and easily lead to gastrointestinal bleeding, but also easy to make patients with disorders of the central nervous system, under the condition of serious threat to human life.

Disorders of the body, water, electrolytes, and acid-base metabolism may occur in patients with chronic renal failure. And abnormal serum creatinine, prone to uremia acidosis, in this case, the patient will feel weak and weak, breathe deeper, longer, and accompanied by vomiting symptoms.

In some patients with chronic renal failure, permanent hypertension can lead to chest tightness, decreased activity and potential brain edema. The patient's glomerular filtration function also decreases gradually and is prone to hyperparathyroidism.


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