frequent kidney infections

According to the recent American annals of internal medicine, frequent sexual life can cause kidney infections in women. Kidney infections are a common disease, and most of them are women

In the past, people of their illness is not very understanding, a Seattle Health Research Center Dr. Soros through research, to solve this problem. His team chose 240 young women suffering from kidney infection and 500 healthy questionnaires. By comparison, they found that excessive sex is directly the relationship between infection and kidney. For example, frequent sexual intercourse is the most common cause of renal infection.

Survey shows that more than 3 times a week of life of people more prone to kidney infection. In general, 4 - 5 times per week, or every time sexual life time is too long, are counted in the "excessive" list. Excessive sexual life caused by bacterial invasion of urethral or even up to the bladder, leading to the majority of women with urinary tract infection.

In addition, other sexual habits, such as regular replacement of sexual partners and the use of sperm killing pills, are also prone to urinary tract infections