Barcelona's No. 1 star Messi, two hours before a game, has no chance of playing because of kidney colic. What is kidney colic? Is it a disease or is it a symptom?

Renal colic is not an independent disease, is caused by various reasons or pelvis ureteral smooth muscle spasm, is a symptom of pain. Usually because of urinary calculi, blood clots, especially ureteral calculi caused severe pain attacks in kidney.

Renal colic have much pain? The incidence of renal colic can not have any aura, sudden onset of severe pain, may also have waist discomfort, hematuria and other precursors, the pain began to down along the ureter abdomen, waist from ipsilateral groin, inner thighs, testis or labia radiation, a few minutes sustainable or tens of minutes or even several hours. During the attack, often have nausea and vomiting, sweating, pallor, restlessness and other symptoms, may also be a serious shock.

The degree of pain is generally pided into 10 grades: 1. mild pain, about 1~3, such as the needling back of the hand; moderate pain in 2., about 4~7, such as knife hand; 3. severe pain, 7 or more, such as childbirth pain. The pain perception of each person is different, not the same degree of pain, renal colic pain the pain degree comparable to childbirth, fractures, trauma, surgery, and compare it to the skin like a knife.

In the diagnosis of renal colic, the doctor will according to the degree of pain patients, with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and pain medication, the corresponding treatment spasmolysis drug reaction. Renal colic must be alleviated after further examination, exclusion of urinary tract obstruction, renal tumor, tuberculosis and other important possibility of the occurrence of a disease. A kidney pectoris authors, often urine tests.

The composition of kidney stones is perse, diet control according to the stone composition and. In general, change the single way of eating, eating a balanced diet, not excessive meat collocation; daily drink plenty of water, not water; adverse changes in lifestyle, keep regular life; actively participate in aerobic exercise, let the body full of vitality.