where's the kidney located

kidney pain such as "burst" the same pain, back and buttocks to the thigh along the radial popliteal fossa, the lateral crus, with acupuncture or shock like feel, feel numb after lower limb Nephralgia, symptoms can be reduced, but the patient lying after standing, walking, and coughing, sneezing, defecation by force, then Nephralgia increase significantly.

where's the kidney located?

The position of the kidney: the right kidney for the second lumbar transverse process, left for the first lumbar vertebra, the right kidney of the liver than the left kidney slightly lower 1-2 cm. The normal kidney moved up and down were within 1-2 cm range. The kidney is in the physical examination, except under the diaphragm, the lower pole of the right kidney can be palpable outside edge in the ribs, the left kidney is not easy to touch.

Located in the kidney on both sides of the spine, close to the posterior abdominal wall in the peritoneal rear. Left renal upper thoracic level eleventh lower margin, lower level 2 lumbar vertebrae and the lower edge of the right kidney. The left kidney than low half vertebral. The central left twelfth rib tilted the left kidney behind the upper right twelfth rib slanting off the back of the right kidney.

Clinically, the region between the lateral edge of the erector ridge muscle and the twelfth rib is called the renal region (spinal rib angle). When the kidney is diseased, it touches the pressure or strikes the area. It often has tenderness or shock

Located near the back of the lumbar spine kidney around two. Nephralgia is a symptom that pain in the waist area. Many renal reasons can cause kidney pain, such as infection, cyst, stones, tire and so on. In the discovery after Nephralgia should look for the cause, in order to prevent from not paying attention to the original condition with heavy.

Opinions and suggestions: it is best to check the lumbar CT and kidney function and kidney color Doppler ultrasound, after diagnosis and then treatment, pay attention to review can, I wish you good health.

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