why kidney pain?Nephralgic reason

A variety of reasons can lead to kidney pain, such as infection, cyst, stones, tire and so on. In the discovery after Nephralgia should look for the cause, to prevent attention and lead to the original exacerbations.

1, the infection caused by Nephralgia, the most common pathogenic bacteria were Staphylococcus aureus, bacteria from other parts of purulent lesions by blood into the kidneys, such as furuncle, pain, abscess, wound infection, upper respiratory tract infection, kidney and adjacent tissue infection. Early localized lesions of multiple small abscess formation in the renal cortex. The following set of synthetic multilocular abscess, some patients from small abscess fused into large abscess, a few patients become Nephralgia, late, near cortex become worn Nephralgia capsule, renal abscess, renal abscess perforation can be close to the renal pelvis drainage, it can be found in urine bacteria.

2, other reasons such as cyst, stones can also cause kidney pain, usually ureteral calculi can be excruciating pain; renal cyst and various types of glomerulonephritis due to renal interstitial damage will cause Nephralgia; after a long time of sitting or walking for a long time the road will feel kidney ache, bloated. Like the pain.

Nephralgic in early asymptomatic primary infection may have been more neglected, late kidney pain, sudden onset, and accompanied by chills, fever, poor appetite, bacteremia or toxemia, sick side can appear kidney pain, tenderness, tenderness, sometimes because of lumbar pain effect of leg activity well, a palpable enlargement of the kidney, waist muscle tension.

3, the fatigue caused by Nephralgia: many patients show Nephralgia waist pain, low back pain is the most common cause of renal colic, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar hyperosteogeny, gastritis involvedhave lumbago. Patients should pay attention to rest, less strenuous exercise, treatment and nursing of.

The diagnosis on nephralgic, with foci of infection history of upper respiratory tract infection, furuncle, abscess, wound. High fever, chills, bacteremia, lumbago, lumbar tenderness, percussion pain, and palpable enlargement of the kidney, with hematuria examination, B type ultrasound and CT diagnosis. At the same time the relevant auxiliary examination can also help patients were diagnosed as white blood cells increased, polymorphonuclear cells increased, blood bacterial culture was positive in the urine; may have pus cells, urine bacterial culture growth, urinary sediment smear staining can be found in bacteria; abdominal X - ray showed kidney enlargement, renal vein urine fuzzy shadow; Lu angiography showed lesions calyceal compression deformation; ultrasonography showed irregular contours of abscess, abscess and hypoechoic areas; CT renal scan shows a circular blood free zone, CT value between cysts and tumors. Due to the application of anti infection Nephralgia, sufficient general diagnosis Vitamin: such as penicillin, carbenicillin, tobramycin, early treatment can often be diagnosed early, after drainage, can enable the body to alleviate the symptoms, reduce patient Nephralgia consumption, poor drainage, serious damage to the kidney was complicated with nephrectomy, renal abscess, renal incision and drainage should be around Nephralgia, debridement and drainage.

If it is due to kidney stones, kidney cyst, nephritis kidney disease caused by Nephralgia, the key is to cure this kind of disease can remove Nephralgia. The treatment of renal cysts, nephritis and even renal failure, uremia is the best method of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy. Nephralgia patients after examination found abnormal situation exists, to seize the time to carry out systematic treatment, because the kidney has a strong compensatory ability in early kidney disease often has no symptoms or only showed lumbago or kidney pain, easily overlooked, leading to end-stage kidney disease patients is serious thought to the treatment, but now has missed the best the timing of treatment.

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