kidney pain in the front

In simple terms the kidneys are located on both sides of the spine, waist, hips above. The medical kidney is located in both sides of the spine, close to the posterior abdominal wall in the peritoneal rear. Left renal upper thoracic level eleventh lower margin, lower level 2 lumbar vertebrae and the lower edge of the right kidney. The left kidney than low half vertebral. In part twelfth left intercostal oblique left kidney the back of the upper right twelfth rib slanting off the back of the right kidney. Clinically between paraspinal muscle and lateral border of the twelfth rib parts, called kidney area (lumbocostal point), when renal lesions, touch pressure or tapping the area, often with tenderness or pain. It is generally behind you behind the hand hammer is about the position of the kidney... It usually feels!

Suggestion: it is recommended to the hospital for a renal ultrasound examination, exclusion of urinary calculi may, in symptomatic treatment, usually more rest, or cold spicy food.


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