Many friends often feel every day the right kidney has been intermittent pain, sleep at night when the dull ache is very uncomfortable, but the size of normal, also often feel a lot of sweat water, mouth parched and tongue scorched, but not the urine is not much, doubt is not his kidney out what the problem is? So, right kidney pain what is the reason? I tell you here by reason of right kidney pain!

Right kidney pain causes

First of all, the right kidney in our body right waist behind, we feel it's the right kidney pain is the general feeling right waist abnormalities. Generally only have a certain understanding of the human body in order to determine the approximate location, but only through the professional examination to determine what parts of the abnormal.

Right waist abnormalities may be many reasons, such as lumbar muscle strain, intervertebral disc herniation, the wind chill; also some abdominal internal diseases such as kidney loss, often lead to low back pain.

If confirmed, it is recommended to the professional hospital for a lumbar CT scan to prevent exacerbations. Of course, we can also do a proper investigation according to their physical condition.

Recently, there is no first confirm the high strength and high amount of physical activity, if it is likely that the lumbar muscle strain, note that excessive movement will lead to the problem. Then you need to consider is to give yourself a break, relax, relieve physical fatigue can go. Massage room to relax.

But if you are the office staff, long time sitting in front of the computer office, little or no exercise, then we must consider whether, intervertebral disc protrusion or bulging. Other similar working conditions can also cause this problem. Then we need to consider is appropriate to increase the amount of activity, relieve the tibia.

Another is that if the weather change is relatively large, or rainy, and you have rheumatism or similar symptoms of friends, then we must consider whether the weather is caused by the change of rheumatic disease patients. You need to do is to keep warm, strengthen the body blood circulation, the most simple way is to soak in a hot foot.

If the above does not apply, then it may be the internal organs of the disease, then it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to check the diagnosis is more appropriate

Disease without size, only the weight. Pay attention to life details, prevention in the bud


1 quit masturbation, sexual life moderate, pay attention to nutritional supplements, especially Yishen food, such as leeks, lamb, eggs and so on

2 avoid sedentary, adjust the mood, avoid excessive tension, because bad mood can lead to loss of appetite, indigestion and other physiological dysfunction symptoms, is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients and physical quality improvement

3 actively participate in sports, such as swimming, badminton, jogging and other aerobic exercise, but remember to exercise the right amount, avoid excessive fatigue, and pay attention to rest and so on