kidney pain after drinking alcohol

For the disease of kidney pain after drinking alcohol, we do not know how to do is the best of the disease, people in addition to pay attention to active treatment, but also must in the treatment period to do the body conditioning work, so that we can faster recovery. After all, how can we better cure the kidney pain after drinking alcohol,?

In many therapeutic methods usually can eat animal kidney, dog meat, lamb, venison, sparrows, eel, loach, shrimp, rooster, walnut, black beans and other food; but also with some fine solid foods, such as yam, lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, Schisandra, Rosa, raspberry. As for mental stress, semen discharge, easy sweating, upset tinnitus backache and other signs of Yindeficiency, you must not eat the food and warm yang subsidies, should be light taste, nutritious food is appropriate, such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy products, water etc..

Recommended recipes for kidney pain conditioning:

① dog 250 grams, 50 grams of black beans, add water cooked, transferred to salt, ginger, allspice and a small amount of sugar to eat.

② loach 3, set the pot of salt and a little amount of water, clear stew to five mature, add tofu 3, and then stew to loach cooked rotten can eat.

③ mutton 500 grams, Curculigo, Rosa laevigata each 15 grams, add water and seasoning amount, stew cooked dregs, carnivorous soup. 5 cornus, Schisandra, puzzle benevolence, Rosa laevigata 9 grams, add water, appropriate amount of decoction to take.

Above is the post-nursed back to health care for the work of the problem for everyone to answer, I believe we all understand it Experts say: drink kidney pain is a chronic disease, people in the early stages of illness if not have effective treatment as soon as possible, then the disease is very easy to spread into the development of other diseases, it can be seen for kidney pain after drinking alcohol as soon as possible to kill it in the cradle is critical.