Two days ago, 120 sent a coma to our emergency department. After examination, he found a large amount of water in his abdomen. The examination showed that the kidneys were failing. We give him abdominal puncture after a large number of light yellow liquid (urine), diagnosed with bladder rupture caused by renal failure. Asked the history of the family, said the patient 2 days before drinking half a catty of liquor, 3 bottles of beer, lethargy 1 day after waking up abdominal pain is kidney pain after drinking alcohol.

It is no exaggeration to say that this wine destroyed the patient bladder, kidney two organs. Normal adult bladder can store 350 to 450 ml of urine. When the urine inside the bladder to about 350 ml, it will stimulate the pressure in the bladder wall of the sensor, through a series of nerve reflex activity, and ultimately cause bladder smooth muscle contraction, and the emergence of normal urination movements. In general the bladder is elastic, unless it is inserted with a sharp weapon, or a great impact, otherwise it is not easy to break. But excessive drinking, the bladder in the state of excessive filling, this time under the action of alcohol, urinary sense of urination and urination will be slow, if the occurrence of vomiting (abdominal force excessive force), turn over the bladder can increase the pressure, can cause bladder rupture. After the rupture of the bladder, the urine spill into the abdominal cavity can cause peritonitis, a large number of bleeding and even cause hemorrhagic shock and life-threatening.

Alcohol in the body will also affect the body's nitrogen balance, blood urea nitrogen content soared, thereby increasing the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, excessive drinking is bound to increase the risk of renal failure, and after the rupture of urine after the accumulation of urine in the abdominal cavity, resulting in increased abdominal cavity to form abdominal syndrome, can lead to decreased glomerular filtration rate,renal failure is inevitable.

Therefore, the need to remind is that "addicted to wine" for health must control the amount of alcohol, to avoid drunk. After drinking to take care of his bladder, don't make it a long time overload, must be timely urination urine; for the drunk sleeping time is too long, the family will timely wake up their urination.