The kidney is located around the back of the spine near the waist. Kidney pain refers to the waist kidney pain of a discomfort, a variety of reasons can lead to kidney pain, such as infection, cysts, stones, fatigue and so on. In the discovery of kidney pain should find the cause, to prevent the original condition due to inadvertently. So, what are the treatment of various caused kidney pain? Different causes of kidney pain, the required treatment is not the same, so in the treatment of kidney pain, we must first determine the cause of kidney pain, and then for treatment, Here are some of our summary of the treatment of kidney pain.

1, infection caused  kidney pain:

Due to infection caused kidney pain, generally diagnosed after the application of sufficient antibiotics: such as penicillin, carbenicillin, cephalosporin, early can often treat, diagnosed after the early drainage, can reduce systemic symptoms, reduce patient consumption, kidney Pain drainage is poor, severe kidney damage when necessary nephrectomy, complicated by renal abscess, should be around the kidney incision and drainage, renal pain dilatation drainage.

2, tired caused  kidney pain:

Many patients with renal pain are the pain of the waist, causing the most common low back pain is renal colic, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar bone hyperplasia, gastritis will also be involved in low back pain. At this point the patient should pay attention to rest, reduce strenuous exercise, restorative treatment and convalescence.

3, kidney stones, kidney cysts and other kidney diseases:

Kidney pain, the most common cause is kidney stones. Followed by renal cysts and various types of nephritis. Patients if such a situation, you can first check the hospital to see the kidney B ultrasound, see whether the kidney stones, cysts and the like, and then check the urine routine to see whether the kidney disease. If the check is normal, then you can see Chinese medicine treatment, may be kidney deficiency or low back pain or low back pain.

The above is about the treatment of various caused kidney pain, if you have other questions, please consult our online doctor, you can also send us an email and leave your condition.