What foods are easy to cause the emergence of kidney stones? With the improvement of economic level, many diseases have begun to appear in our lives. Kidney stone is a common disease in the urinary tract stone, it has very large effect on the function of renal urination.Kidney stone is a refractory disease, the symptoms are complex, and there are many complications. Next experts of our hospital willintroduce it in details.

What foods are easy to cause kidney stones to appear?

First, the body of excessive accumulation of oxalic acid is likely to cause kidney stones, spinach, beans, grapes, cocoa, tea, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, plums, bamboo shoots and other people generally eat something, it's food with higher oxalic acid, so we should eat less.

Second, animal organs, seafood, peanuts, beans, spinach, etc, contain more purine ingredients.If you eat too much purine rich food at one time, purine metabolism is disorder, oxalate in the urine deposition and the formation of urinary stones.

Third, too much fat intake, because the fat will reduce the intestine can be combined with calcium, resulting in increased absorption of oxalate.

So experts kindly reminder: reasonable, scientific diet and physical exercise, it is the best way to fundamentally solve and prevent kidney stones. The most important way to prevent it is to increase the intake of water. Water can dilute urine and prevent high concentrations of salt and minerals from accumulating into stones. The appropriate amount of water is up to 2 liters of urine output per day. If you work all day in the hot sun, you need to drink 2 gallons of water.