Kidney stones patients generally have hematuria, if the patient's symptoms are relatively serious, you can consider anti-inflammatory treatment, but more critical is to actively treat kidney stones disease, in addition, pay attention to determine whether there are other complications. There is to know that once the kidney stones caused by the emergence of hematuria, the patient's condition has generally been more serious, if not timely and regular treatment, then the damage to the patient's kidney can be said to be very large.

Surgical treatment is one of the common ways to treat kidney stones, but the surgical treatment of kidney stones are generally caused by complications, etc., that is, surgical treatment of kidney stones have strict indications, for example, stones have been caused infection, great stones and so on.

Non-surgical therapy is also one of the common treatment options, the methods are not fixed, but generally for the stone diameter of less than 1 cm, and the surrounding smooth, especially to the treatment of kidney stones without infection, but must pay attention to avoid the possibility of recurrence.

Kidney stones in the usual life, we must pay attention to drink plenty of water, and to do all aspects of the regular follow-up inspection; In addition, we must also pay attention to clear the patient's stone composition, this is the key, which can directly determine the focus of the patient's diet structure.

Chinese medicine for the treatment of kidney stones disease will have a better effect, but it must be noted that the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney stones, then, are generally auxiliary role, for example, to improve the patient's body immunity.

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