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why chronic renal failure causes anemia

Anemia is a common symptom in our life, but also has a close relationship with the kidneys.Many patients with chronic renal failure have symptoms of anemia, so what causes anemia in chronic renal failure, following is a detailed description.

Why chronic renal failure causes anemia, the main reasons are the following

① lack of red blood cells, red blood cells can not mature, and uremia, the bone marrow decreased erythropoietin sensitivity, further aggravating anemia.

② red blood cells in the role of blood toxins, shorter life expectancy.

③ accumulation of toxic substances in the blood, inhibition of bone marrow hematopoietic function.

Platelet abnormalities, coagulation disorders, often resulting in excessive bleeding.

⑤ for patients with uremia are often accompanied by secondary hyperparathyroidism, can also cause erythrocyte reduction.

The above is mainly talking about renal failure causes anemia because of introduction, hoping to bring everyone to help. In addition to causing anemia, but also cause damage to other organs, so usually we should do a good job in prevention and treatment.

Common renal failure anemia treatment.

1, the use of stimulating erythropoiesis "hemogenin", such as: Ebisu, Ipoh and other applications.

2, iron supplementation, such as: sucrose iron, power Jie can energy, blood-Ning, ferrous sulfate and other uses.

3, folic acid supplementation, vitamins.

4, improve nutrition.

5, reduce inflammation and toxins (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis).

6, if necessary, blood transfusion.

Do not panic when appear renal failure caused anemia . After anemia, be sure to treat it promptly. If you have any further questions about kidney disease, you should consult our online experts and our experts. We will reply you as soon as possible


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