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Why renal failure causes edema?

Why renal failure appear edema? Patients with renal failure show many symptoms, but edema is a condition that plagues these patients and many do not know why renal failure causes edema. Therefore, we all have to understand what is the reason, so that we can make a better approach to treatment.

Renal failure refers to a pathological condition in which the function of the kidney is partially or completely lost. What are the causes of renal failure and edema? Renal failure is pided into acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. Acute renal failure is caused by a variety of causes of renal excretion function in a sharp decline in a short period of time there is a group of clinical syndrome.

What is the cause of renal failure and edema? Renal failure caused by a large number of renal dysfunction, kidney damage due to the timely removal of excess water can be excreted, it also resulted in excessive accumulation of water in the body phenomenon, which will trigger edema .

Causes of renal failure edema mainly are:

First, the reduction of plasma colloid osmotic pressure: renal proteinuria when a large amount of proteinuria caused by hypoxemia, resulting in decreased plasma colloid osmotic pressure, the capillary fluid filtration increased, interstitial fluid recovered significantly reduced, and ultimately constitute edema.

Second, the effective reduction of blood volume: extravasation of plasma to reduce the effective blood volume, stimulate the vascular volume receptors, activate the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system, increased secretion of antidiuretic hormone, reduced sodium secretion, renal tubular resorption of sodium increased, further increase the water, sodium retention, resulting in increased edema. Therefore, patients in the stage of renal failure are not suitable intake of too much water, because too much water intake will aggravate the severity of edema.

Why renal failure causes edema? The symptoms of edema in patients with renal failure are only on the one hand, there are many, some of the plasma colloid osmotic pressure is reduced, effective blood volume decreased, these are the situation, the surface In such circumstances we can make better treatment to restore health.


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