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How renal failure cause anemia?

Few people over-pay attention to the causes of anemia, experts warn, which may lead to the delay in the treatment of renal failure. In daily life, many people do not understand why anemia patients with chronic renal failure, anemia is a symptom of renal failure, anemia in many patients with renal failure symptoms, patients need attention. Here we follow the experts to learn about the cause of anemia kidney failure!

1, renal failure lead to destruction of red blood cells: some chronic renal failure in patients with increased red blood cell damage is also one of the causes of anemia, which is due to hyperemia when uremia lead to shortened life span of red blood cells, autolysis, uremia when red blood cells Metabolic disorders and increased red blood cell fragility, causing red blood cell autolysis, microvascular disease so that damage to the red blood cells by mechanical damage, hypersplenism.

2, hematopoietic raw materials, mainly the lack of iron. Causes of iron deficiency in patients with renal failure are many reasons, such as reduced gastrointestinal absorption of iron, reducing the activity of the body in the swine protein, iron utilization disorders, multiple laboratory blood loss, dialysis and blood loss. Therefore, iron, including oral iron and intravenous iron use, is another important treatment to correct iron deficiency in patients with chronic renal failure.

3, excessive destruction of red blood cells: chronic renal failure patients due to the primary disease (such as lupus) and other activities and long-term accumulation of toxic metabolites, resulting in shortened average life expectancy of red blood cells, but also lead to anemia an important reason. Thus the treatment of primary disease and the removal of toxins (such as dialysis and hemodialysis), etc., are also indispensable in the treatment of renal anemia.

4, renal failure affect hematopoiesis: In chronic renal failure, in addition to damaged parts of the kidney produce erythropoietin, hemoglobin decreased oxygen affinity, the unit of hemoglobin utilization of oxygen increased, renal ischemia is not serious, resulting in erythropoiesis Reducing the major stimuli of prime leads to a marked decrease in the production of erythropoietin. There are also toxins inhibit the bone marrow, chronic renal failure, accumulation of certain toxic substances in the blood have a direct inhibitory effect on the bone marrow, leading to hematopoietic dysfunction.

 Above we introduced a relatively rare symptom, that is, anemia of chronic renal failure, and we know that the emergence of anemia in patients with chronic renal failure prone to bring many problems to patients, so we should pay attention to this symptom, If you want to learn more, please consult with our online doctor.