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Why renal insufficiency prone to cause low blood sugar?

Kidney is an important organ of the body, it is powerful and regulates our daily life. However, if we do not treat ourselves well, it is very likely that our kidneys will be injured, resulting in renal dysfunction. Renal insufficiency is caused by a variety of causes, which can cause severe damage to the glomerulus and is a major life-threatening condition. In daily life, we found that people with renal insufficiency are particularly prone to low blood sugar, which is why?

One: The reason for the body. Each organ of the body is closely connected. When a problem occurs in one place, the body's ability to regulate is incomplete, and our body can not naturally metabolize, so another organ has a problem. Therefore, low blood sugar caused by kidney insufficiency is a response to the body and a health warning.

Two: Maybe the side effects of the drugs. Some people with renal insufficiency will need to take long-term medication to adjust, some drugs contain hypoglycemic effect, leading to the body's blood sugar is too low, it you can think of the side effects of drugs, you can go to the hospital and the doctor to explain the situation, replace drug.

Three: bad habits. In peacetime, a good living diet is very important to people, more important to the sick people, therefore, do not change the sick or not, should be vigilant against bad habits, the human body is a hundred evils do not benefit.For people with renal insufficiency, poor hygiene or habits can cause low blood sugar.

For patients with renal insufficiency should first strengthen self-care is: to strengthen the exercise, enhance disease resistance, but also to prevent the damage of drugs on the kidneys, to give up daily bad habits, get up early and get up early, pay attention to observe some changes in the body, If you find abnormalities to seek medical treatment in time.


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