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What are the causes of renal dysfunction?

Renal insufficiency is a common kidney disease, in which the physical and mental health of the patient is extremely damaging. For the sake of your own health, we must pay attention to prevention work, so that the disease will not close. In order to better prevent the occurrence of renal insufficiency, we need to explain the cause of renal dysfunction, only understand the etiology of renal insufficiency, can achieve targeted prevention.

1, primary glomerulonephritis

Primary glomerulonephritis can cause a common cause of renal insufficiency, which can cause severe damage to the kidneys without prompt treatment, leading to symptoms of diminished kidney function.

2, diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy can also cause kidney dysfunction, which can cause serious damage to the function of the kidneys, and thus lead to renal insufficiency.

3, hypertensive nephropathy

Hypertension in people's lives can also lead to renal insufficiency, because long-term high blood pressure can cause hardening of the renal arteries and therefore a decrease in kidney function.

In addition, polycystic kidney disease and tubulointerstitial renal tubular disease also one of the causes of the disease.

Although renal insufficiency can be cured, but you also have to understand, no matter what kind of disease, will cause harm to health. Physical health is the most important, so in the face of kidney dysfunction such diseases, we still have to do a good job in daily life prevention.


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