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There are new ways to treat lupus nephritis

Patients with lupus nephritis has increasing trend in recent years, according to a report China union medical college hospital, in the 20 s to 50 s, received only 35 people in hospital, and 60 s to 70 s, to 169, in the 80 s, after a year of...

There are new ways to treat lupus nephritis

May 11, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Patients with lupus nephritis has increasing trend in recent years, according to a report China union medical college hospital, in the 20 s to 50 s, received only 35 people in hospital, and 60 s to 70 s, to 169, in the 80 s, after a year of hospitalized patients about 60 people, long-term clinic patients, 100 people, of our hospital, probably also like this. The number of patients with lupus nephritis has increased significantly over the last decade. And according to the survey of Beijing and Shanghai, the incidence of a disease of women in every ten thousand people, about a, with women of reproductive age for see, men can also be disease, but is relatively rare. Why has the disease increased in recent years? This is because of the popularity of health care, and doctors are more alert to the disease, and the way it is examined is better than ever.

With lupus nephritis is caused by systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis, it will have the symptoms of nephritis, proteinuria, edema and high blood pressure, if any, will also have the symptoms of lupus, such as skin (especially facial) have red and black spots, multiple joint pain, fever of unknown origin, etc. Some symptoms of lupus is not obvious, and the symptoms of nephritis is obviously, often easy to be misdiagnosed as chronic nephritis, so delayed the treatment time, this is very regret. So, whenever nephritis patients, all want to own careful recall, ever joint pain, rash and fever of unknown origin, and so on and so forth, and should take the initiative to tell the doctor, to assist in diagnosis. After the diagnosis of lupus nephritis, the mortality rate of the previous 10 years was about 50%, and after the 1980s, the improvement in treatment was reduced to about 20%. In recent years, the death rate on 10 of lupus nephritis has dropped to about 10 percent due to improved diagnosis and treatment.

The treatment of lupus nephritis has been very different in recent years. Researchers at the national institutes of health, in the United States, have done a long-term study of 107 patients with the more severe case of lupus nephritis. Their patients can be pided into several categories, each category given different drugs, and in the kidney puncture biopsy before and after the treatment, observation of the time an average of seven years, found with high-dose cyclophosphamide shock therapy with small to moderate doses of the hormone the category, the best effect. The discovery was not unexpected, people always are hormones (e.g., prednisone) as the main drugs to treat Wolf jc nephritis, however, the study shows that with cyclophosphamide pulse therapy in improving the long-term prognosis of with lupus nephritis is superior to the conventional hormone treatment of patients, especially to stabilize the patient's kidney function, reduce the occurrence of uremia. After using shock therapy, the kidney biopsy showed that kidney disease improved after treatment, and the degree of chronic disease was mild. Due to the results of research for a long time, and it is the authoritative organization in the United States national institutes of health, so its research conclusion caused wide attention in the medical profession. We applied the curative effect of cyclophosphamide pulse therapy also suggests that the treatment was satisfactory, and it also can reduce the dosage of the hormone, avoided because of the long-term use of high doses of hormones, femoral head necrosis caused by side effects. Needless to say, cyclophosphamide also has the side effects of larger, but the level of the doctor's hands, skillfully applied, it should be said that side effects can reduce or even avoid, so patients don't be afraid to use it. In recent years, some literature reports, on the basis of the use of cyclophosphamide pulse therapy, syndrome differentiation and treatment to organically combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, can reduce side effects and increase curative effect, worthy of our attention.

In addition, the patient should avoid sun basked and (or) ultraviolet irradiation, don't use estrogen and/or birth control pills, to penicillin and sulfa, phenytoin sodium, hydrazine benzyl lamictal, etc, should also be disabled, the use of other drugs, also want to pay more attention. Avoid vaccination as much as possible. Cold and other infections should be treated immediately if infection occurs.

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