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The nephritis channel provides various of nephritis and their symptom, health care of the family, the patients' diet care,diet taboo should keep in mi

How to reduce protein urine from diet?

How to reduce protein urine from diet?The occurrence of proteinuria will make protein loss. As we all know, protein is an important polymer organic matter, we also rely on protein and survival, so our health will be affected when loss of protein. Le ...

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Does cold cause acute nephritis?

Does cold cause acute nephritis?The occurrence of acute nephritis is directly related to Streptococcus infection. Hot weather in summer, low pressure, peoples resistance will also decline, easily lead to upper respiratory tract infection, whic ...

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Can bacterial infection lead to nephritis?

Can bacterial infection lead to nephritis?Acute nephritis is a double kidney non purulent lesion caused by immune dysfunction. It is one of the most common renal diseases in childhood. There are many pathogens causing acute nephritis, including bacteria ...

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Does pyelonephritis have a requirement to the diet?

Does pyelonephritis have a requirement to the diet?Most patients with pyelonephritis should understand the pyelonephritis diet is a certain requirements, pyelonephritis patients and their families must pay attention to diet, whether diet can affect the developme ...

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