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The woman must be frequent urination kidney disease of female attention these kinds of nephropathy

Female kidney health is a very important thing, dont think nephropathy appeared only in men, in fact, will also appear in the women, then what kind of nephropathy is of particular concern to young women? Urinary tract infection Urinary trac...

The woman must be frequent urination kidney disease of female attention these kinds of nephropathy

Feb 23, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Female kidney health is a very important thing, don't think nephropathy appeared only in men, in fact, will also appear in the women, then what kind of nephropathy is of particular concern to young women?

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection is a common disease of women, China's disease spectrum survey showed that more than 30% of women had more than once in the life of urinary tract infection. This is because the female urethra is short and wide, closer to the vagina and anus, normal sexual life can bring bacteria into the urethra. Young professional women over a long period of stress, fatigue, lack of exercise, can lead to decreased immunity. In addition to drinking water is too small, long time holding back, pad using the menstrual period, are easy to make bacteria from the urethra into the urethra, occurrence of cystitis and ureteritis, or pyelonephritis (also known as upper urinary tract infection). The wedding of women due to fatigue in greeting sent, frequent sex life and honeymoon cystitis. The typical symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urgency and dysuria or feeling. In this part of the crowd, most of the patients after regular treatment without recurrence, part of poor physical fitness, without formal treatment of patients with recurrent, after one or two years is likely to develop chronic pyelonephritis. If there is no cure or recurrent pyelonephritis, 10 to 15 years will develop into renal failure.

Countermeasures: for young women, do not ignore the "disease of urinary tract infection". Once the disease, it is necessary to complete treatment. The so-called thorough, that is, after discontinuation of antibiotics, urine culture for three weeks without bacteria. Methods to reduce urinary tract infection is again, drink more water, drink 1500 ml of water every day; do not hold a micturition after intercourse. At the same time, but also moderate exercise, improve immunity. Pay attention to genital hygiene, including daily warm water cleaning, frequently change underwear, etc..

Non infectious frequent urinary discomfort syndrome

Almost all of the people who are suffering from this disease are women who work hard, such as teachers, doctors, nurses and so on. Patients often feel symptoms of urinary urgency, abdominal swelling, while a toilet. The more strained and tired, the more frequent the toilet run. But with urinary tract infection is different, no pain symptoms of the disease, repeated urine culture without bacterial growth.

This disease is the cause of disease and heart disease, occupation and working environment, personal and psychological ability. The female's psychological sensitivity is higher than that of the male, and the ability to bear various kinds of pressure is relatively weak.

Countermeasures: against heart disease, ineffective use of antibiotics. As a knowledge of women, you can learn to relax yourself by reading, listening to music, hiking, gathering with friends, etc.. Work in a reasonable allocation of time, to do a list of things to do every day out, sub primary and secondary to do. Deal with interpersonal relationships, believe that "a smile min thousand enemies", happy every day. When necessary, with "654-2", with the fat of urethral relaxant flavonoids hydrochloride treatment.

Lupus nephritis

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is more common in women, 90% of which may be related to the kidney, which is lupus nephritis. The majority of lupus nephritis occurs in 15 to 40 years old young women, very rare in men. Why is this? Dr. Zhang Zhu admitted that the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis is unclear, but is already clear that the incidence of the disease is related to the level of estrogen in the body, often attack the high levels of estrogen in women. Because of the lack of preventive measures, the key lies in the early detection of treatment, do a good job of life conditioning.

Lupus nephritis, intermittent fever, joint pain, oral ulcers, hair loss. Patients with facial erythema, due to the shape of a butterfly, also known as "butterfly shaped erythema", after the sun color. Urine routine examination can be found in simple hematuria or proteinuria, kidney disease will appear for a long time. If the patient is unstable in the condition of pregnancy, it is easy to abortion, exacerbations.

Countermeasures: not to be pregnant after a year of remission. Life should pay attention to prevent colds, diarrhea, and skin furuncle, tonsillitis and other infections, so as not to induce or aggravate renal damage. Use as little as possible, including some supplements. Because all drugs are excreted by the kidneys, the burden on the kidneys. If the renal function is normal, eat 60 to 80 grams of protein per day (about equivalent to an egg, 100 grams of lean meat, milk, 250 ml) to prevent malnutrition. Got kidney disease, need to abandon the old idea is to eat what to fill". Some people think that got kidney disease to eat "kidney", including kidney, kidney etc.. In fact, animal offal containing high purine, excessive intake can cause hyperuricemia, if things go on like this may cause uric acid nephropathy.



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