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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) guidelines: about drinking

Let me eat less meat, I endure! Let me dont stay up late, I listen to! Let me insist to take exercise, I do! But! Can let me to smoke, to a small wine? Often hear the male renal such complain, think ahead into living mode, always a bit unwi...

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) guidelines: about drinking

Apr 05, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

"Let me eat less meat, I endure!"

"Let me don't stay up late, I listen to!"

"Let me insist to take exercise, I do!"


"Can let me to smoke, to a small wine?"

Often hear the male renal such complain, think ahead into living mode, always a bit unwilling! Have to leave some small fun to live?

For this, the doctor can give advice:

Smoke, don't smoke a cigarette!

Wine, let's talk about it!

1 Renal should not drinking alcohol?

Epidemiological studies have confirmed that moderate drinking is good for cardiovascular. But, binge drinking and cause disease of heart head blood-vessel, and cause many health problems, such as liver disease, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis, and so on

About the link between alcohol and cardiovascular, a lot of related research. For example, in the world's leading medical journal JAMA, a pointed out in the analysis about alcohol intake and stroke: heavy drinking can increase the risk of stroke, while moderate drinking can reduce ischemic stroke!



From the above we can see that for wine, kidney disease patients don't need to think of it as "a scourge"! Chronic kidney disease is people at high risk of cardiovascular disease, and right amount drink, not only can satisfy his life fun, also can benefit the health of blood vessels, nature is a good thing.

But the degree of master should not be ignored! If you can't grasp the degree of alcohol, then simply don't drink!

2 Small wine chief use for delight, big wine killed the cat!

How to grasp the degree?

Let's listen to the Chinese dietary guidelines:

In terms of amount of alcohol, the general adult day men and women, men alcohol cannot be more than 25 g, women no more than 15 g alcohol.

And, as a result of high energy, high liquor is almost do not contain any other nutrients, so if you want to drink, renal preference of low degree wine!

3 Renal is not suitable for drinking?

However, not everyone is suitable for drinking. What can't drink?

1), allergic to alcohol

Some people drink blush, skin rashes, after serious drink will have obvious performance, such as giddy, goto whenever drinking have discomfort that occurs, explain your constitution itself is not suitable for drinking! This time against the body instruction stubbornly drink, would be a little "a".

2), liver problems

Wine mainly through the liver metabolism and liver problems existing buddy, don't drink alcohol liver burden heavier.

3), acute pancreatitis,

4), high uric acid

Uric acid the most best teetotal, especially can't drink beer! Summer is coming, and early high uric acid against friends play, don't drink!

5), during the use of antibiotics

During taking antibiotics, cannot drink! Because some people will be "double sulfur (sample reaction".

Many people may have such experience: eat cephalosporins, went to drink, the acid bright! Drinking a little began to "heart beating fast, blood vessels, TuTuTu straight scampering..." Have to delay a while to line, severe dyspnea, chest pain, even sent to the rescue!

Therefore, if a friend to drink, eat antibiotics is really your friend also get to the point!

So much good, wordy, summarized into one sentence:

Wine is the spice of life, is also a kind of healthy drink, but must know enough is enough!






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