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How do children with nephrotic syndrome prevent infection

Nephrotic syndrome is a common form of kidney disease, often because of skin problems such as edema, massive proteinuria, decreased immunity, prone to all kinds of infections, such as skin infection, urinary tract infections, respiratory in...

How do children with nephrotic syndrome prevent infection

May 24, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Nephrotic syndrome is a common form of kidney disease, often because of skin problems such as edema, massive proteinuria, decreased immunity, prone to all kinds of infections, such as skin infection, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, etc. In particular, children should be protected by the development of their bodies, and they should be protected in time to prevent infection.

Children with nephrotic syndrome should be aware of the complications

1, infection: as the nephrotic syndrome patients decline in resistance to infection, so more prone to infection, the cause of infection in patients with resistance drop with malnutrition, lost a lot of transferrin and zinc from urine and local factors. Bacterial infections have been one of the leading causes of death for people with nephrotic syndrome, with severe infections occurring mainly in children and the elderly, and adults are less frequent. Clinical common infection has primary peritonitis, cellulitis, respiratory tract infection and urinary tract infection.

2 Acute kidney failure: acute renal failure is the most serious complication of patients with nephrotic syndrome, often requiring dialysis. Caused by a common cause of acute renal failure patients with hemodynamic changes, renal interstitial edema, drug factors, bilateral renal vein thrombosis, and vascular contraction, urinary tract obstruction, etc.

3, decreased renal tubular function: nephrotic syndrome in however it can also be decreased renal tubular function and high performance for glycosuria, aminoaciduria, phosphate urine, renal tubular high loss of potassium and chlorine acidosis. The function of the renal tubule is decreased due to the large reabsorption of the renal tubule over the filtered protein, causing the small tubule epithelial cells to be damaged.

How do children with nephrotic syndrome prevent infection

Skin infections to prevent kidney is the main organs in the body to discharge water, but when the kidney problems, can lead to poor water ejection, so edema is one of the most common symptoms of kidney problems later, children with nephrotic syndrome is no exception. Edema, increase the tension of skin of children with nephrotic syndrome, subcutaneous blood to cycle, and hypoalbuminemia and long-term use of hormone, immunity drop, prone to infections of the skin. The children should be paid attention to keep the skin dry and clean. Regularly turn the child over and dry the sheets, keeping the quilt soft. Every day, scrub the children's armpits and groin. For children with severe edema, the muscle should be avoided.

Urinary tract infection prevention proteinuria is there is a common manifestation of kidney disease, urine protein content increased, for the growth of bacteria breeding provides a good environment, at the same time as the patient's immunity drop, bacteria can "flows and" invades the body easily, cause urinary tract infections. If the children with nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to keep the perineum clean, daily cleaning, drug prevention measures when necessary, it's important to note that many drugs has damage to the kidney, need to consult your doctor before use, in order to increase the illness.

The prevention of nephrotic syndrome by respiratory infection can cause a large amount of protein loss, which can induce a decrease in the immune system. Because the decline of the immune system is not resistant to the invasion of bacteria, it is easy to get infected. In particular, the respiratory tract is directly exposed to the outside world, which is more susceptible to infection by bacteria and causes respiratory infections. Therefore children should be adequate supply of high-quality protein, improve the level of albumin, keep clean inside the bedroom, at the same time open a window ventilated take a breath every day, don't let the children go to the poor air quality environment.

Children's nephrotic syndrome prevents infection and should be mindful of diet

1, low salt. Low salt is a basic principle for the diet of nephrotic syndrome. When edema serious, should stop salt intake, this is because the sodium salt of some examples, after the decomposition of the body, the burden will add to the kidney, leading to edema, limit salt diet because of boring will cause a lot of patients with loss of appetite, protein and calorie intake. For patients with normal kidney function, the amount of salt should be restricted when edema occurs.

Limit protein. Generally if the illness heavier patients with nephrotic syndrome will make some special attention, nephrotic syndrome diet to properly limit the intake of protein, around 40 grams per eclipse of the sun into the protein is advisable. The first choice of egg and milk food, one egg about 6 grams protein, a bowl of milk (about 200 ml) contains 6 grams of protein.

How to prevent chronic nephritis? The right amount of exercise is essential. In particular, you should insist on aerobic exercise. Doing more exercise in the sun can help to eliminate excess acid in your body and prevent kidney disease.

2, Have a good diet. What is a good diet? To avoid excessive acid consumption, it can exacerbate the acid constitution. The acid and alkali balance of the treatment and complication of chronic nephritis is very important. Eat foods that are rich in organic and organic activity, eat less meat and eat more vegetables. Rich in plant organic active alkali, quickly eliminate acid toxicity in the body to clarify urine acid, thereby protecting the kidneys.

3, The life of many people is very irregular, the good life habit is very important. People who are accustomed to irregular living habits, such as karaoke, mah-jongg, and night out, can worsen their physical acidification. Diabetes is particularly easy to develop. Should develop good life habit, maintain weak and alkaline constitution, make kidney disease big don't oneself. Quit smoking and drinking, not eating contaminated food. Otherwise, the acidification of the human body is so easy that kidney disease can be multiplied.

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