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The nephritis channel provides various of nephritis and their symptom, health care of the family, the patients' diet care,diet taboo should keep in mi

Causes of primary glomerulonephritis

Causes of primary glomerulonephritisPrimary glomerulonephritis is a common disease in life. To resist the threat of this disease, we need to know more about it, not only is the treatment knowledge important, but more importantly, we must find ways ...

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Does chronic nephritis have any effect on fertility?

Does chronic nephritis have any effect on fertility?Patients with chronic kidney disease, who have the following four conditions should not be childbearing - First, active chronic nephritis, chronic nephritis with severe hypertension, chronic renal insufficiency ...

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Etiology of primary progressive glomerulonephritis

Etiology of primary progressive glomerulonephritisSecondary to other primary glomerulonephritis membranous proliferative glomerulonephritis (especially type II) membranous glomerulonephritis is associated with additional anti-basement membrane glomerulonephriti ...

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Matters needing attention in treatment of nephritis

Matters needing attention in treatment of nephritis We all want to have a healthy body, but in real life there are many diseases that plague us. Nephritis is not strange to us.It is a disease that has plagued human beings all the time. If you suffer from this dis ...

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