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Gestational nephrotic syndrome in patients with the need to pay attention to what

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-21


nephrotic syndrome during pregnancy

Pregnancy for all marriageable child-bearing women is an important stage in life, but just in pregnant women with higher probability of nephrotic syndrome, which is defined as the doctor a lot of nephritic syndrome during pregnancy, the disease for the patient's harm is self-evident, then. In view of the nephrotic syndrome during pregnancy care note what?

1., nephrotic syndrome pregnant women should have a good life and work routines

Patients should not care-laden, do not know what to do. Suffering from nephrotic syndrome in pregnant women should ensure a reasonable diet, nutrition, adequate vitamin supplement, to enhance physical fitness, reduce the chances of infection. To keep warm, the prevention of upper respiratory tract infection, pay attention to perineal cleaning to avoid sexual life, reducing the chance of urinary tract infection should also pay attention to the skin. Clean and early treatment of dental caries.

2. pay attention to your health at all times

The patients with nephrotic syndrome often appear some abnormal conditions, such as edema, elevated blood pressure, should be strictly limited to ensure the rest, salt intake, protein and essential amino acids, correction of hypoproteinemia. When the blood pressure, should choose antihypertensive drugs and has no obvious effect on renal blood flow such as nifedipine to Kato Pury. To avoid damage to the kidney using drugs, such as gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin, sulfa drugs, such as aspirin.

3. during pregnancy, regular physical examination is very important

Some people ignore this one, this is wrong. Some mild clinical symptoms of the patients with nephrotic syndrome, such as chronic occult nephrotic syndrome, only a small amount of proteinuria, hypertension, renal insufficiency, in the strict medical care observation can allow pregnancy. These patients must regularly check the urine routine check, measure blood pressure, renal function, especially in the later stages of pregnancy should be 2 times a week to check urine, blood pressure every day, every 1 to 2 weeks to check a renal function. If there is a large increase of urinary protein, blood pressure significantly increased trend, kidney function decline, should be timely check in pregnancy.

The above is kidney healthy network of experts for the nephrotic syndrome during pregnancy health precautions are introduced. The pregnant woman has a lot of attention should pay attention to, and suffering from nephrotic syndrome in pregnant women who are more should pay attention to a lot of things, for example, always pay attention to their own health, did not miss any details; develop routine well, put an end to all kinds of social life habits; conditional and regular physical examination.


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