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Frequently Asked cand Answers of Kidney Disease

Summed up the common problems of kidney disease, to help patients with the relevant issues to take the correct measures and methods to restore health early.


Here are answers of the frequently asked questions on kidney disease and some advises for kidney disease patients.

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Symptoms of a kidney stone stuck in the urethra

What is kidney stones in the urethra? In fact, urethral calculi is we often say that the reason of urethral calculi formation is a lot like the most from the bladder and urinary bladder above, such as kidney stones, ureteral or bladder calc ...

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What are the most common diseases associated with hematuria and hypertension?

This article describes the intimate relationship between glomerulonephritis and hypertension, hematuria, and the introduction of hypertension-related diseases. ...

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Reasons for kidney stones in young adults

Kidney stones believe we are not unfamiliar, but recently a lot of parents and friends to consult our experts said recently that manyyoung adultssuffering from kidney stones, what is the reason? Jintingexperts for our parents and friends to ...

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What are the early signs of kidney problems?

The kidney is the maintenance of human metabolism is one of the key organs, so kidney problems to harm us as can be imagined, the imbalance of body metabolism, our body will be very susceptible to other diseases, so the kidneys once the pro ...

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What are the type of glomerulonephritis?

For some people, glomerulonephritis may be relatively unfamiliar, but in kidney disease, the disease is not necessarily rare. Experts, chronic glomerulonephritis is a similar clinical manifestations of a group of glomerular diseases, accord ...

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Hematuria and proteinuria,which one more serious?

Hematuria and proteinuria are symptoms of kidney disease, and when the patient kidney problems, patients often do not attach importance to the symptoms of proteinuria, and when there is hematuria, only to feel serious, then, hematuria and p ...

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Why kidney pain after drinking alcohol

This article helps us to analyze why drinking can lead to kidney pain, while understanding long-term drinking to bring us bodily harm. ...

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What are the foods to reduce protein in urine during pregnancy?

Some pregnant women will have proteinuria during pregnancy, worried about their own and the fetus will have an impact. In fact, pregnant women proteinuria is not morbid, there are functional and pathological distinction.Functional also known ...

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What are the foods to lower protein in urine?

This article describes what foods are low-protein diet, help proteinuria patients from the diet control protein intake, thereby reducing the burden on the kidneys, reduce proteinuria. ...

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How to lower protein in urine by diet?

This article focuses on reducing the normal level of proteinuria diet, as well as low protein diet and protein diet. ...

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