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Several kinds of food needed for insomnia

When there is insomnia, you dont want to eat some sedative effects of drugs, because the drug will let you have a dependence, and that your time on drug immunity will only eat more and more, so the first is to improve insomnia conditioning...

Several kinds of food needed for insomnia

Feb 27, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

When there is insomnia, you don't want to eat some sedative effects of drugs, because the drug will let you have a dependence, and that your time on drug immunity will only eat more and more, so the first is to improve insomnia conditioning through diet method. The following small series to introduce to you can alleviate the situation of several kinds of food.

1, banana

Banana is one of the most common fruits in our lives, many people know that the nutrition of bananas is very rich, but also very easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it is one of many people love to eat fruit. But there are a lot of people do not know, in fact, eating bananas can also be effective in treating the symptoms of insomnia, because it is wrapped in the skin of the sleeping pills".

The banana is not only rich in serotonin and n- acetyl -5- methoxytryptamine, also contains a can let us relax muscles of the magnesium, the appropriate food can help us effectively relieve muscle fatigue. Not only that, even if you put a banana in the pillow smelling it can also let you sleep.

2, vinegar

A lot of people after a long trip often due to excessive fatigue and insomnia, this time the solution is very simple, only need to use a tablespoon of vinegar mixed with warm water can slow service. Vinegar has hypnotic effect, is the result of amino acid in vinegar and contains a variety of organic acids, these two substances can help us to effectively eliminate the fatigue caused by insomnia.

Not only that, the amino acids contained in vinegar and organic acid can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, so as to improve the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin to hypoxia in order to improve the various parts of the body due to fatigue, after drinking vinegar as long as meditation with eyes closed, will soon enter the dreamland. Therefore, insomnia in the question of what to eat, every kitchen in some vinegar is the ideal choice.

3, whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is recognized by nutritionists nutrition and health food, often eat whole wheat food can not only play the role of weight loss, but also ideal for insomnia patients sleep food. Rich in crude fiber and carbohydrates in whole grains, a whole wheat toast collocation of tea and honey, we can get a substance called insulin release in the human body, it can make to the human brain tryptophan and serotonin into there.

Therefore, people suffering from insomnia in daily life should eat more whole grain food, whether it is bread or biscuits, it allows you to sleep in the shortest possible time. Therefore, in the question of what to eat insomnia, whole wheat food is essential.

4, oats

Insomnia can't sleep if this is not the time to put up some hot oatmeal, contains large amounts of soluble fiber and protein in oatmeal, these two substances can give people a warm feeling of satiety and thus play a hypnotic effect. Especially because of hunger before bedtime and insomnia, eat oats at this time can not only help to restrain the appetite, but also can effectively promote sleep.

5, warm milk

Many people know that drinking a cup of milk before going to bed can effectively play a role in promoting sleep, but experts advise that drinking milk must drink warm milk, so that nutrients can be better absorbed by the body. The milk has the role of sleep, because the milk contains a large number of amino acid neurotransmitters, this substance can promote brain nerve cells secrete serotonin -- five people be sleepy straws. In addition the banana also contains a lot of peptides, which can be combined with the central nervous system, exerts its anesthetic and analgesic effects similar to opium, making people feel comfortable body.

Warm milk slowly slide into the stomach, will bring you a warm sense back to childhood, two kinds of hypnotic substances at the same time which can make you faster and more stable to sleep.


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